1.PLAY music.

Who doesn’t like listening to music? Music can be the perfect icebreaker to help clients and even the photographer relax and have fun! Pictures for clients can be stressful for whatever occasion it may be, engagement, graduation, or portfolio for a job. You as a photographer want to capture that special moment they will cherish forever. Music can help! I love to play music on any type of shoot I do. If things seem a little too serious, or the clients aren’t really loosening up with just the music playing I will make them sing along which can result in some great laughs and REAL smiles.

I just use a little waterproof portable speaker that I can clip onto my camera bag. you can find one here. 

photography tips

2. Direct don’t pose.

I mean a little posing is OK but you should always start out with an action. Have them do jumping jacks if you have to. This will always get them loosened up and not so shy in front of the camera. I will also have my clients talk to each other and whisper sweet nothings….this can really result in some beautiful intimate moments.

photography tips

photography tips

photography tips, andrea nuxoll

3. Have fun.

Treat your clients as if they were your friends, get to know them, send gifts, laugh, joke, talk about life, do weird stuff and most importantly bring alcohol (for you not them…..I mean for them not you.) 😉 I love to bring along a couple little baby fireball shooters. If the music and jumping jacks don’t work on your clients this will surely work! 🙂 But remember to keep the alcohol to a limit you don’t want your clients looking like the drunk guy at the bar! Just enough to help them loosen up! 🙂

photography tips, andreanuxoll.com

photography tips, andreanuxoll.com

dear photographers | 3 pro tips

4. (BONUS) Stop comparing yourself to others.

“Comparison is the thief of joy”

well…..it really is. We are all awesome. We are all different and that is what makes us unique and that uniqueness is what makes us extraordinary artists. Keep doing you and your work will get better. (Like your teacher beat into your head as a child “Practice makes perfect!” Well guess what they were right!) People will start noticing YOUR work. Once you gain that confidence it will show in your work and clients will come to you because they trust you and believe in you. If you don’t have confidence in your own work…who will?

 “Don’t compare your beginning to someone else’s middle”

Everyone has to start somewhere. You will make mistakes, you learn from them, and you grow.  Below are a couple of examples from a photo of my very first engagement shoot (left) and a photo from my most recent engagement shoot(right).  See? Everyone has to start somewhere. I am still learning and I still make mistakes, I’m just getting better at hiding them. 😉

photographers | 3 pro tips

photographers | 3 pro tips

Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed the photography tips! Now go be awesome!

One more thing….

I have some exciting news. I would have never gotten to the point where I am at now without the awesome mentors I had along the way. The knowledge, the resources, and all the ideas. I would love to share what I learned from them with you. I am now offering mentoring sessions. Head on over to my contact page so we can chat!

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